You can trust in our inventive and expert classes that use a wider knowledge of music. Prices for lesson depends on the the session duration and session dates. We are here to help you find the best price for you or your student. We are proud to offer many options that will best fit your needs and budget!

Private Instruction Prices

Lesson30 MinutesPrice Per Lesson2 Students
One Lesson$28.00$28.00N/A
5 or more (10% Savings)$28.00 per lesson plus 10% off$28.00 (10% off)N/A
Tuition *$375.00$25.00$700.00
Group Lessons** (3+ Students)$100.00$20.00$175.00

 45 MinutesPrice Per Lesson2 Students
One Lesson$40.00 per lesson plus 10% off$40.00 (10% off)N/A
5 or more (10% Savings)$40.00$40.00N/A
Tuition *$525.00$35.00$1000.00
Group Lessons ** (3+ Students)$150.00$30.00$275.00

 60 MinutesPrice Per Lesson2 Students
One Lesson$50.00$50.00N/A
5 or more (10% Savings)$50.00 per lesson plus 10% off$50.00 (10% off)N/A
Tuition *$675.00$45.00$1,250.00
Group Lessons ** (3+ Students)$175.00$35.00$300.00

* Tuition Lessons- 15 Scheduled Seasonal Lessons
** Group Lessons- 10 Scheduled lessons by group of students or instructor

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