Instrumental Instruction

The character of instrumental music… lets the emotions radiate and shine in their own character without presuming to display them as real or imaginary representations

Franz Liszt

At VirtuosicArts, we offer you a wide range of musical instruction along with plenty of performance opportunities. Our studio provides private instruction, masterclasses, and online lessons. We work with our students in order to help them achieve their goal. Through our studio, success is the only option.

How do we do it?

Many wonder how we can offer lessons at such an affordable price with flexible scheduling. Our private instructor staff is composed of all university and college students seeking teaching opportunities. Our private instructors have performed all over the world in clinics, conventions, competitions, and more!

We break our lessons into three sessions: spring, summer, and fall. The spring and fall sessions consist of twenty-one weeks of potential lessons, while summer session consists of ten weeks of potential lessons. Meeting destinations are either held in-studio, meaning the student travels to the private instructor’s location, or out-of-studio, meaning the private instructor travels to the student’s location. Prices for in and out-of-studio vary.

When it comes to scheduling lessons, we like to keep things simple! Students who schedule five or more lessons at a time receive a 10% discount on all scheduled lessons! We like to reward committed students.

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