About Us

VirtuosicArts is a dream turned reality! It started with Jordan’s dream of a place that would allow an aspiring musician to blossom into a virtuoso. As one passionate about his music, he had once longed for that single space where dreams could seamlessly merge with reality and he could be allowed to learn and play different instruments of his choice. Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands of students that crave a space where they can indulge in their passion and create music. They crave a freedom to learn and practice, endlessly if necessary, so that they may reach the heights of their choosing. Combined with an inner desire to have such a space and the desire to fulfill the longings of so many music lovers – VirtuosicArts came to be.

A virtuoso is one who has mastered his craft be it music, dance, or theater. While Jordan loved music and its infinite variety of expressions, both vocal and instrumental, he also yearned to offer a conducive environment through this space – a music hub, if you will. Through this musical instruction, VirtuosicArts will also help shape young students into young men and women with awe-inspiring talent and self-assurance.

VirtuosicArts started as a small daydream in a typical high school band rehearsal. I was looking at a piece of music and wondering how I was going to manage the time to learn it without owning the instruments that it called for. As a percussionist, this happened to me quite often. Every holiday or summer break was a drag, I was always upset about not being able to practice on a set of timpani, a marimba, or drum set at home. Even if I could afford it all financially, I would never be able to afford all the space it took up.

As my mind wondered, I thought about how great it would be to have a studio that students could use for practice on their instruments, not only percussionists, but pianist, wind players, guitarists, and more. Students would have the equipment and the available space to get any work done. Of course, this wasn’t enough- ideas of performing ensembles, a video and audio recording studio, a performance hall, private lessons, a music library, jam sessions, networking nights, and recitals raced through my head. It would be the ultimate music hub. However, yet again, this was still not enough. Plans of combining this music hub with more performing arts programs occurred to me. This studio could be more then music; this could include dance, theater, musicals, and other arts, hence the name, VirtuosicArts.

After months of composing these ideas, we are finally here. Starting out with our ‘music hub’ of private lessons and performance opportunities, we strive to help our students grow through the power of music. A virtuoso is someone who is skilled in their craft. At VirtuosicArts, we direct our students to be skilled in their desired craft.

Until planning and funding for a building is completed, we will continue to teach and make music with all the great resources and educators that we have! We look forward to serving and working with you through the arts.

Jordan R. Ferguson
Studio Director

Currently under construction.

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